Monday, July 9, 2007

Poem for My Sister, Marti

Marti's Poem

My words can't hold a tiny
little candle to you. These
lines are just bare feet to
your hundred pair of shoes.

You appear in a room, flash
your thousand watt smile--
Without even trying, you
raise the meaning of style.

Before I've got my coat off, you've
made a dozen new friends. And
each one will be there for you--
from that moment till the end.

You assume success,
and it comes right along--
like a puppy on a leash,
or a new hit song!

You're a whiz on the Internet,
at Trader Joe's and Chico's too--
you always find a bargain,
and you act so cool.

You overbook your days, but
somehow make it through.
You find some time on sale
and toss it in the stew.

You're my youngest sister,
but I look way up to you.
I would put this in a poem--
but I really thought you knew.