Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Neighbor In The City

New Neighbor in the City

Your blinds are drawn --

they finally came!

I live next door

20 feet away.

Our shrub is trimmed

this side anyway --

my welcome to you

on a sunny day.

An odd, but common arrangement--

at home, in our many rooms --

proximity with privacy;

we all live quite alone.

The leaves hang up tight in the trees,

holding back their autumn splash.

You arrived just in time for our block party;

we welcomed you at last.

But we’ve yet to see your colors --

will you be removing your mask?

Or will you keep your blinds drawn down--

sticking to private tasks?

This is life in the city, as I see it,

options, many as the stars --

neighbors, a dog’s-walk away -- or

anonymously passing in cars.

I see you’ve got a new mailbox!

The old name has been set free.

We heard you play the bassoon --

did I tell you my cat loves reeds?

Your blinds are drawn --

they look just great!

I live next door –

twenty feet away.