Thursday, April 19, 2007

My first commenter!

Wow...someone actually made a comment on my blog. This is so cool, I mean, if you have the time and interest in communicating this way! Zoe's blog is fabulously interesting. She hasn't updated lately; but promises she will.
We met her in Taos at The Writing Salon but she lives in Thailand. Her life lends itself to action; I can see why she liked the screen writing classes. When I read about her stopping in a pub on the way home from work, forgetting to turn her mobile phone back on and discovering 14 messages from The Boyfriend, who was locked out in the Bangkok heat, well, let's just say I felt better about missed calls when Lou's out of town. But I'm never in a pub. Just hard of hearing. Pardon me? Anyway, fun to read something from another part of the world.

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