Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aural Love

Sometimes it’s not

what you say --it

is only your voice

that I hear.

And it is not

my deafness or

poor listening skills.

It is just that the sound

of your voice is enough.

Yes --you are right.

I am writing this

about you! I am

a visual learner,

but an aural lover.

I adore the sound of

your voice. I shiver

in the hills and valleys

of your tonal range.

Your words thrill

like fireflies in the

celestial regions

of my brain.

Then, gone!

I can not capture

or hold them –

nor would I.



I’m closing

my eyes.

1 comment:

elainehev said...

Unlike Carly Simon, who wrote, "You're So Vain, You Probably Think This Song is About You . . ." I would like to say, If you think this song is about you, you're right, it is.
with love, elaine