Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why there are no new poems here

I haven't posted any new poems, in case anyone is perusing here lately, because they are all going into the new, soon to be released book, Not Every Woman Swooned on Plain View Press.

They won't be a surprise if you've already read them here; plus some editors call putting a poem on your own web site as publishing it; so they would, technically, not be new in the book if I did that.

Is anyone visiting here that cares? If I get a comment or two, I'll write something just for you.


Nancy Murrey said...

Elaine, Can't wait to get your new book! I'm sending in my order tomorrow. I left the order form at home and came online to see if I could get it here. I am so proud of you! Nancy

bgoettel said...

I check it randomly and also am looking forward to your new book. Sent my order in already.

elainehev said...

As you can see, my thinking is evolving on this, having been persuaded by James Nave, that what we want are readers, not to be published in some obscure journal.
It's our friends and acquaintances we hope will enjoy the poems.