Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jazz and Blues

Alison Burns is singing

How Long Has This Been

Going On?

in Montage, and as I turn

my head away from watching

her sing, turning instead

toward the audience,

I see a glassiness

in the eyes of a stranger—

and it is her response

to the song

that tears at me.

A man, on the other side

of the room shakes his head,

ever so slightly, as if to rid

himself of a memory—which

comes out, nonetheless,

like a sigh— his lower lip

a trembling ledge—and I wish

I could put these two folks together.


Carole B said...


Carole B said...

Thank you. I love this. I felt as if I was in the room.

Herself said...

i like the way you show all the emotions that emanate through our faces. I am enjoying this daily dose of your poetry,too.