Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cat Lovers Anonymous

Mystie wants to thank everyone
who has called, written, sent her
a card or posted a kind word on
Facebook on behalf of her and
her improving health.  The doctor
at Cornell got her hooked on canned
food, something in which she had
shown no previous interest.  Now,
she can be quite dramatic in the
way she scampers over to her bowls,
looks shocked when her wet food bowl
is empty, looks up at us, licks the already
clean plate, looks back at us.  What
can we do but give her what she
wants— the poor, sweet, skinny little
baby we missed so much and who
was so abandoned by us in the cold
dark isolated hospital at Cornell? 
As Beth Bloom said, she knows
every single one of your buttons.
We have been had.  We are being
played.  We know it, we admit it
and we allow it.  My name is
Elaine and I’m a catalcoholic.

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