Monday, October 10, 2011


I have wanted for ages to re-organize my books,
but how? All the poetry together first?  All the
religious and spiritual next to psychology? 
All the prize-winning novels and short story
collections?  All the hard covers, then the
paperbacks? No, look--I am arranging my
books like a timeless dinner party, like
my friend Michael who places CD’s of
mnext to other musicians he thinks
they might like to hang out with.

This way T.S. Elliot gets to meet Rumi
   at his Cocktail Party. Gabriel Garcia
Marquez and Haruki Murikami can talk
about Kafha on the Shore and Love in the
Time of Cholera. Earnest Gaines can share
A Lesson BeforeDying with William Faulkner,
As he Lays Dying. Annie Proulx can send her
Postcards to Carl Rogers Way of Being.
Ram Dass can tell Joan Didion The Year of
Magical Thinking was all Grist  for the Mill. 
Amy Tan and Anita Daimant can have an
awakening sharing One Hundred Secret
Scents inside The Red Tent.  Michael Talbot
and Barbara Kingslover can dream Animal
Dreams in The Holographic Universe. 
Oh, yes, this is the way to arrange.  Mary
Oliver and Christina Adam—would so much
appreciate and honor Red Bird, since—you
   know—Any Small Thing Can Save You
Something as small as re-arranging ones
books and finding a brand new collection.

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