Sunday, October 2, 2011



After the film at the Cinema, he
asks Do you want to go home,
or…?  She smiles, Or, what?—
thinking how it is, eight years
into our marriage, it’s still so
much like dating, on the weekend—
deciding to go one more place—
then one more, before going home.
They grab the last table at Solera,
He orders a Kava and a Cab;
the bartender nods, brings the
bubbly white to her, the red to him.
They smile and nod to the other
customers, happy the place is full
but not crowded.  They take in the
chill music, talk about the film, their
cat, plans for Sunday, mindlessly reading
the signs across the street:  Kitchen Bathroom
Additions, S&A Food Mart – Beer. Pop. Snacks.
Cigarettes.  Jackson Hewett Tax Preparers. 
Personal FX Hair Salon, Thread.  Nothing fancy.
Down the street is Sax Avenue, Mise En Place,
The herb place that’s always closed, Head’s Up
Hat Store, Open Face, Godiva’s vintage shop,
Hedonist Chocolate. Now that is fancy. It
does not matter. They are not in Cornhill,
not on Park Avenue, nor even Monroe.
They are in their own neighborhood—the
South Wedge. It’s Saturday night and their
next stop is home: only a few blocks away.


Lou Faber said...

I feel like I was there!

Nick said...

Great imagery!