Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Before Dawn/Before Midnight

Before Dawn/Before Midnight
September 20th, 2011

Before dawn, my husband
leaves me with a beautiful
poem he has posted today
on his blog for all to see. 
It is our 8th anniversary,
which, sadly, he is spending
with co-workers in New York. 
Before dusk, he sends me
an invitation to dine with him
at Rooneys, our favorite high-
end restaurant, on Friday night.
Before this day ends, I have a little
surprise for him too—a DVD that
neither of us has ever seen, filmed
by John, my brother, on our wedding
day.  It’s now cued up, ready to play—
a recording of the vows we made to each
other, the words we wrote to give meaning
to our commitment to each other for that
which was to come, in a future we were yet
to see—a future with more happiness
than we could have imagined that day—
yet, looking back now from here—
there it is, brimming right out
of the screen—like a beacon—
so bright, so full, rich and bright.


Lou Faber said...

And as beautiful as she was then, she is more so now.

Maureen said...

Thanks for more Elaine. My heart swells when I read these.