Wednesday, September 7, 2011

That'll Be The Day

Yeah, Peggy Sue—

that’ll be the day—

when a guy wearing

horn-rimmed glasses,

a suit and a thin tie comes

down the line and thinks he

can be a rock star. Or maybe

he doesn’t even think that at all.

Listen to me, Peggy Sue—

maybe baby, he just knows

he has a way of saying things

in a new, catchy, hand-clapping

kind of way that’ll get folks up

on their feet, dancing and singing

those words of love along with him.

Maybe it’s just so easy for him

somehow – like falling in love

when you’re 20. It’s as if the lyrics

are just raining in his heart, every day.

What do I know. I’m just wishing

the music of a guy like that

lasts a long long time and that

his spirit does not fade away.

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