Friday, September 9, 2011

The Cons and Pros of Growing Old

It wasn’t just that it took me

two hours to get out

of the house today—

clean up from breakfast,

finish the paper, start

a load of wash, upload

some photos, order prints.

It was that I had to drive off

and get all the way to the stores

in Pittsford before realizing I had

forgotten to bring my driver’s license,

my credit cards, my Bed Bath coupons

and Marshalls gift card I had planned to

use. That’s the downside of getting older.

The upside is I bartered a book of my

poems for a 20% off coupon from a

fellow shopper. And when I asked if I

could write a check, clerks in both stores

said yes—and never even asked for I.D.

An honest face comes with age, I guess.


Mary H-S said...

This is gentle and witty. Like!

Michael Gillan Maxwell said...

Like your use of one of the devices we played with at Omega! Also I'm right there with you on the continuum- however - it helps me to remember it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Lou Faber said...

And if you ever do, who knows what you'll find.