Sunday, September 18, 2011

Escape to the Cinema

Catching her reflection in the
mirror, she is taken aback at the
look of aging—the sagging skin,
accumulating lines, shadows
that can neither be hidden nor
masked under the eyes.  Then
they walk out the door, half a
mile down the street to the oldest
neighborhood theater. It’s not
just that she loves films, or goes
to the movies all the time, it is
what happens once inside of the
darkening theater. Five minutes
into the film, there is no viewer,
no film, only the experience of
of being the story, following the
lead ‘till she is the lead—the
character Meg Ryan, Gwyneth
Paltrow, or Anne Hathaway is
playing, falling in love with the
character John Cusak, Hugh
Grant, or Colin Firth is playing.
The romantic comedy sweeps
her away every time. Her loving
husband doesn’t look surprised
when the film is over and she is
not 28.  So she must be 28, at
least for an hour or two—at least
‘till the mirror tells the truth.

1 comment:

Lou Faber said...

Not sure how you do it, but don't ever stop. Wonderful barely touches it.