Thursday, September 1, 2011

Holly and Eric

August 24th

Holly takes us on a quest

to find the blue bird

of happiness.

No, really.

September 1st

Eric calls from his cell phone:

“I just wanted to tell you

that you’re going to be . . ."

In that tiny gap before he

says “a great aunt,” I think

he is going to say “famous.”

Maybe he’s written music to one

of my poems that’s becoming a hit?

But no, he says: “Great Aunt.”

For a second I think, I am

a great aunt. Then, “What?!!!”

“We’re going, that is, Holly

is going to have a baby!”

Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.

That night, after Blue Bird, at the

George Eastman House, I recall

Lou saying, “Holly looks quite radiant

tonight.” Inside I knew what he meant,

but I just said, “Yes, she always does.”

Holly took us to see Blue Bird

so we’d understand why

they must migrate home.

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