Monday, September 26, 2011

Photo of Grandma

Photo of Grandma

Because it’s almost
the only photo I have
of her, my grandmother
is always holding a teacup,
always wearing a light colored
dress with a thin black belt, always
standing to the right of her larger
shadow and the shadow of a ladder-
back chair on the muted wallpaper.
Was she about to fill the teacup,
or put the teacup away?  She has
stopped to look at the camera,
with a smile that balances the
sadness in her eyes, as perfectly
as the porcelain cup in her hand.
I could always see my Dad and
three uncles in her face, but now
I can see my cousin Kim, too—
whom I once barely knew,
but now I call my own.

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Kim said...

Elaine, this was so beautiful it brought me to tears.. I have only the dimmest memories of Grandma Heveron, but I do remember her eyes and how the sadness seemed to hang on her like the heavy woolen P-Coat I used to 'steal' from my uncle's closet..
I feel so blessed and thankful that you and your siblings have opened your arms and hearts to my family and me.. You all are 'ours' too..