Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stealing Words

Why is it that I have to feel

slightly cold to be able to write—

to be a little over the edge of

comfort? Perhaps to produce my

own comfort through nurturning

thoughts? Where can I get some?

Dare I sit at Lou’s desk and see

if there are any spare words

over there for me? What if

he comes home later and

notices Osibisa or Woyaya

are missing? Will he find

I removed San Francisco

and Skatneateles from

his triggering towns?

Is this deleterious? Would

he really miss precipitious?

I’ll kindly leave him a

couple of old favorites:

copasetic, swank, cinque.

I might need them back though.

1 comment:

Lou Faber said...

I am copasetic with that. Anyway you massage them all and they purr, but I so often rub them the wrong way.